There are most frequently asked and answered questions here.
If you can not find information from FAQ, please kindly contact us to our email([email protected]) or send your inquiry through our website.

Are there other products?

We have other products that are not posted on the website.
The reason may be mostly because some of the products we supply with OEM and the other reason is because some products are released for seasonal marketing and promotion.

Can shipment be abroad outside of Indonesia?

We can provide domestic delivery all over the Indonesia.
If your location is within Jakarta DKI, we also can deliver our product using our delivery man, or by carrier such as JNE or TIKI if you are based in outscirt.

How can I buy your product?

Since we are importer and distributor, we do not sell product to customer directly.
If you are individual customer, you may find our product at the optical shop or softlens centers.
If you need information on our partner shop, please kind contact us.

Do you garantee for product?

Yes, our main concern is customer service(Layanan pelanggang).
We accept replacement for defect product 100% and even allow exchange product from previously purchased one with different color of power of degree.
*Terms and condition are applied